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Best Gaming Pc 2022: The Top Desktops For Serious Pc Gaming

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The best gaming PC is going to give you Jual Pc Gaming di Medan the best possible Toko Pc Gaming Medan performance at the best price for your budget, but with so many options out there, finding the right one can be a daunting task.

Whether you’re looking for a build with the best graphics cards and best processors on the market (and you aren’t too concerned about the price) or you’re looking for the best budget gaming PC that will get you good framerates on the best PC games with some modest setting adjustments, there’s a gaming PC out there that will give you what you need.

And while buying a gaming PC might Grosir Pc Gaming Medan not give you the satisfaction of building your own custom gaming rig, given the difficulty in finding various components nowadays, being able to just buy what you need pre-built is something a lot of gamers are turning to so they can keep playing with their friends as the best PC games become more demanding than their older PCs can handle.

Fortunately, we’ve tested all of the best gaming PCs out there – and even those that weren’t so hot – so we Harga Pc Gaming di Medan could narrow down our top picks to help you get in the game regardless of your budget.Our Top Picks for Best Gaming PC in 2022Best gaming PC 2022

(Image credit: MSI)

Jaw-dropping design and specsSpecifications

CPU: Up to 10th-gen Intel Core i9

Graphics: Up to MSI GeForce RTX 3080

Storage: Up to 3TB HDD + 2TB SSDReasons to buy

Unbeatable performance in a unique looking chassis+

Crazy specification optionsReasons to avoid

USB ports selection could be better-

Can get very expensive, very quickly

Whether you love or hate the MSI MEG Aegis Ti5’s insane Transformer-esque chassis, you cannot deny its raw power. This unique-looking premium piece of kit from MSI gives the best Alienware gaming PCs a run for their money on the design front, and it doesn’t slouch on the specs either. 

Its highest configuration features an Intel Core i9, the RTX 3080, and a whopping 128GB RAM. That means that whichever contoh you go for, you will be blown away by its performance. 

Of course, that only means that you should only invest if money isn’t an issue (or if you love that gamer aesthetic it’s playing up hard); otherwise, be prepared to burn a massive MEG Aegis Ti5-shaped hole in your pocket. Still, for the money, this just might be the best gaming PC you’re going to find if you want to really stand out from the rest.

Read our deep dive for more info: MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 review

(Image credit: Alienware)

Powerful gaming for all budgetsSpecifications

Graphics: Up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 / AMD Radeon RX 6900XT

Storage: Up to 2TB SSD + 2TB HDDReasons to buy

Stunning designReasons to avoid

Still very expensive at highest configurations-

With AMD’s solid campaign to win the CPU and GPU markets, it’s no surprise that many of the best PCs are switching over Team Red. Our favorite Alienware Aurora gaming desktop PC line is among them, fitting its R10 models with AMD’s powerful yet affordable Ryzen CPUs. 

Not only do these deliver brute strength Distributor Pc Gaming Medan when it comes to gaming, but they also tout affordability, giving budget gamers a chance to partake in what those with souped up rigs experience everyday without burning a hole in their pockets. This is one of the best gaming PCs around, bar none – especially with the next generation rocking with configurations touting the RTX 3090 for 8K resolution gaming.

Learn more in our Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 review 

(Image credit: Lenovo)

Best for entry level PC gamingSpecifications

CPU: Up to 11-Gen Intel Core i9

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super – RTX 3070

RAM: Up to 32GB DDR4 : Up to 32GB DDR4

Storage: Up to 1TB SSDReasons to buy

Solid 1080p performance that’s great for esports+

Easily upgradable when you need a power boost in the futureReasons to avoid

Entry level model GPU lacks ray tracing & DLSS

Those new to PC gaming or those on a budget will appreciate the entry-level configurations that the Lenovo Legion Tower 5i brings to the table. It’s an affordable point of entry and is highly capable at handling the most popular esports and AAA titles available at 1080p, and is customizable enough to get some beefier hardware if you have the cash. 

Though the most basic model lacks more terbaru GPU standards like ray tracing and DLSS, when you are ready to upgrade to the more robust specs, its black tower chassis is effortless to open and easily maneuverable for upgrades. If you’re just starting your journey through the world of PC gaming, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than this.

Learn more with our Lenovo Legion Tower 5i review

(Image credit: Corsair)

The best kecil PC for gamingSpecifications

CPU: up to 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900K

Graphics: up to Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

Storage: 1 x M.dua SSD + 1 x dua.lima” HDD / SSDReasons to buy

Great performance in a compact design+

Some might say that the Corsair One i300 is a bit of an overkill, and for most non-competitive gamers, that’s probably accurate. However, this gorgeously-designed miniPC for gaming is just the ticket for players who need (or want) the absolute best in a compact design. 

Whether you’re gaming competitively or you just happen to have a lot of cash to burn and want to future-proof your gaming setup. It comes with some of the very best components money can buy with its high-end configuration capable of handling any game at 4K – and any content creation workflows, for that matter, if you’re hoping to catch two fish with one worm.

Learn more in our Corsair One i300 review

(Image credit: Acer)

Best compact gaming PC for 4K gamingSpecifications

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070

Storage: 500GB SSD + 1TB HDDReasons to buy

Great gaming performance matched with superb coolingReasons to avoid

Headset grip can block front ports

The Acer Predator Orion 3000 is superbly built, with an attention to lebih jelasnya that’s practically unrivalled and a tidy, compact design that makes it so portable and easy to move. It’s RGB lighting is also something to behold, made even better by the FrostBlade fans and light bars on the side. 

It doesn’t stop on the outside. Inside, there’s plenty of power as well, with specs powerful enough to see gamers through immersive 4K and VR gaming. It doesn’t sit in the budget department, but for something that will last a few years into the future, it’s certainly a compelling purchase for gamers who care just as much about aesthetics as they do about performance. 

Check out our full Acer Predator Orion 3000 review

(Image credit: HP)

Simplicity meets powerSpecifications

CPU: Intel Core i7-10700K – Intel Core i9-10900K

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 – 3090

Storage: 512GB – 2TB SSD + 0 – 2TB HDDReasons to buy

Capable performanceReasons to avoid

The HP Omen 30L can come kitted out with some serious hardware, and it delivers on performance despite some tight internals that had us worried about airflow. There are other things to love as well – its few RGB zones, fair pricing, and elegant design are much appreciated as well. 

While the system does allow for customization, its tight confines may make it hard to do a lot of expansions, and there’s very little that can be done to add to the cooling.

Read the full HP Omen 30L review

(Image credit: CLX Gaming)

Customizable for every budgetSpecifications

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 – Intel Core i9-11900K

Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1660 Super 6GB – Nvidia RTX 3090 with 24GB vRAM

Storage: 512GB PCIe M.2 SSD – 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD, 1 x SATA SSDReasons to buy

Amazing performanceReasons to avoid

Parts’ availability can affect build

What makes the CLX Scarab so special is how customizable it is. Depending on your budget, you can get the most basic of builds just to get you gaming or you can get a maxed out machine with such stellar parts as an Nvidia RTX 3090 and a 12th Gen Intel Core i9. 

Just be prepared to spend if you plan on getting a more powerful configuration. Additionally, since it is custom, you’re also at the whims of the worldwide supply chain so if you want a part that’s in short supply, you may have to wait a little longer for your PC. However, if you’re willing to wait, you’ll get something that can be personalized in a lot of different ways.

Read the full CLX Scarab reviewHow to Choose the Best Gaming PC For YouIs it better to build or buy a gaming PC?

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Operating System:Windows 11 Pro

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Operating System:Windows 11 Home

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Operating System:Windows 11 Pro

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The Best Gaming Desktops For 2022

Our Experts Have Tested 37 Products in the DeskJual Pc Grosir Pc Gaming Medan Gaming di Medan Harga Pc Gaming di Medan top PCs Category in the Past Year

Since 1982, PCMag has tested and rated thousands of products to help you make better buying decisions. (See how we test.)

Despite the allure and simplicity of gaming consoles and handheld devices, PC gaming is still very alive and very much kicking. Indeed, it’s never been stronger. Enthusiasts know that nothing beats the quality of gameplay you can get with a desktop built for gaming. And today, it’s within almost every determined PC shopper’s grasp to get a PC with the graphics power necessary to drive the latest games on a full HD (1080p) monitor at lofty lebih jelasnya settings.

But what kind of PC can make major 3D games look and run better than they do on the Sony PS5 or the Microsoft Xbox Series X? If you have deep pockets, your answer could be a custom-built hot rod from an elite boutique PC maker such as Falcon Northwest, Maingear, or Velocity Micro. But a couple of well-informed choices will go a long way toward helping you get the right gaming desktop from a standard PC manufacturer like Acer, Asus, Dell, or MSI, even if you’re not made of money. Here’s how to buy your best gaming desktop, regardless of your budget, and our top 10 latest picks in the category.

This is, admittedly, simplifying a complex argument. But high-powered graphics, Toko Pc Gaming Medan processors, and memory improve the graphical detail (in items such as cloth, reflections, hair), physical interactions (smoke, thousands of particles colliding), and the general animation of scenes in your favorite games. Throwing more resources at the dilema, such as a more powerful graphics card or a faster CPU, will help, to an extent. The trick is to determine which components to favor, and how much.Most Important: Which Graphics Card Do I Need?

Most gaming systems will come preinstalled with a single midrange or high-end graphics card; higher-priced systems will naturally have better cards, since purchase price typically correlates with animation performance and visual quality. AMD and Nvidia make the graphics processors, or GPUs, that go into these cards, which are made by third parties such as Asus, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, PowerColor, Sapphire, and XFX (to name just a few).

Our gaming-desktop reviews will let you know if there is room in the system’s case for adding more graphics cards, in case you want to improve your gaming performance in the future. Most boutique manufacturers, however, will sell systems equipped with multiple-card arrays if you want to run games at their best right away. AMD calls its multiple-card technology CrossFireX, and Nvidia calls its solution Scalable Link Interface (SLI).

This ekspresi dominan has faded, though. While multiple-video-card gaming is still a path to raw power, know that a game must be written to leverage multiple cards properly, and game developers in recent years have been de-emphasizing timely support for CrossFireX and SLI in games. Sometimes this support only emerges well after a game’s debut; sometimes it never comes at all. Also, Nvidia has been putting a damper on SLI in the last couple of years; it has kiboshed support for installing more than two of its late-contoh cards at the same time, and only a subset of its higher-end cards can be installed in SLI. Our general advice for mainstream buyers is to concentrate on the best single card you can afford.

Indeed, the most pivotal decision you’ll make when purchasing a gaming desktop is which card you get. One option, of course, is no card at all; the integrated graphics silicon on modern Intel Core and some AMD processors is fine for casual 2D games. But to really bring out the beast on 3D AAA titles, you need a discrete graphics card or cards, and these cards are what distinguish a gaming desktop. Whether you go with an AMD- or Nvidia-based card is based partly on price, partly on performance. Some games are optimized for one type of card or another, but for the most part, you should choose the card that best fits within your budget. If you’re buying a complete gaming desktop, you of course don’t have to pay for a card in isolation, but this should help you understand how the card factors into the total price. You also have to know what you’re shopping for.’Ampere’ Is Here: The State of Graphics Cards

For some time now, Nvidia has been dominant at the high end of the GPU battlefield. Since September 2020, this has been through its RTX 30 Series GPUs, such as the flagship GeForce RTX 3080 and top-end RTX 3090. These replaced its RTX 20 Series GPUs, like the (still powerful and pricey) RTX 2080.

In general for both Nvidia and AMD GPUs, the first number in a contoh name denotes the GPU generation—3000 Series GPUs are Nvidia’s latest, while AMD is up to the 6000 line—while the last two numbers denote the hierarchy within that generation. For example, the RTX 3080 is superior to the RTX 3070, and both replaced their RTX 2080 and RTX 2070 predecessors, respectively.

The 20 Series GeForce RTX cards were the first to offer ray-tracing (putting the “RT” in “RTX”), a fancy real-time-lighting feature that only cards with the RTX moniker are capable of running. (See our utama on ray tracing and what it means for PC gaming.)

The 30 Series is based on the Nvidia’s newest “Ampere” architecture, replacing the “Turing” design of the 20 Series. The 30 Series GPUs not only offer better raw frame rate performance, but much are much more efficient and effective at ray-tracing. Ray-tracing technology looks great, but is a straining technique that generally pulls down your frame rates, a fact that made smooth ray tracing daunting on even the RTX 2080. This undermined the appeal of the 20 Distributor Pc Gaming Medan Series, given that the signature feature was difficult to run smoothly, even with the highest-priced GPUs. The RTX 3070 and the RTX 3060 Ti arrived in October and December 2020, respectively, delivering on the same concept at lower price points than the two top-tier options.

The top-end cards are certainly pricey propositions, too costly for many shoppers, and difficult to find available in 2022. The RTX 3080 Founders Edition launched with a $699 MSRP, as much as some whole computers on its own, but actually a better value than the RTX 2080. The RTX 3070 launched at $499, making it a very palatable choice, and the RTX at an even more attainable $329. That’s a much better entry price into ray-tracing than the 20 Series offered. As always, third party manufacturers make less (and more) expensive versions of each GPU, too.

There is, of course, the elephant in the room: availability. If you haven’t been paying attention to the graphics card space, it was extremely difficult to actually acquire these GPUs at retail price (or in general) since 2020. You can pay over the odds from re-sellers (some of who gobbled up many cards with the intention of reselling them at a higher price), but otherwise have to play the lottery with re-stocks. Nvidia, unfortunately, expects this to continue through most of 2022. Read our explanation here of why these graphics cards have been so difficult to purchase.

Thus, the listed MSRP of these GPUs doesn’t mean what it once did. You can try to snag one when a major retailer like Best Buy (or online seller like Amazon) refreshes its supply, but like buying a PS5, you’ll need some luck. You’ll also need to be patient, unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars over the list price to someone selling a GPU for profit. This is one reason why buying a prebuilt gaming desktop these days makes a lot of sense: easier access to the parts you want, without price gouging. Pre-built PCs from major manufacturers or boutique vendors are one of the most accessible ways to acquire a 30 Series system in 2022, because they take care of acquiring GPU stock for you to buy in their systems.

You may be able to find older GPUs instead, though the shortage has made these scarcer as well. MSRP for the Founders Edition versions of the RTX 2080 and GTX 2080 Ti launched at $799 and $1,199, respectively (though some third-party models are a little more affordable). Again, these (list) prices are not as good values as the less expensive and more powerful RTX 3080 on paper, but the current realistic cost of the 3080 may change that math.

Speaking of the top of the stack, the aforementioned GeForce RTX 3090 is a professional-grade replacement for the Titan RTX coming in at $1,499. You could use it for gaming, but it’s not remotely twice as fast as a RTX 3080 for more than double the money. If you are one of the rare few who need even more power, Nvidia went even further by releasing the RTX 3090 Ti in March 2022 for an eye-watering $1,999. Beyond just the high price, availability is limited, so good luck hunting if you can afford that monster.

The 25 Best Pc Games To Play Right Now – Ign

The PC gaming landscape has shifted in recent years, both in terms of technological advancements in graphics cards and gaming monitors and in the makeup of IGN’s PC gaming staff and contributors. As a result, outside of some real stalwarts, our list of the terkini PC games is substantially different compared to years past.

To be clear, this list does not attempt to pick out the “best” or “most influential” PC games ever made. It’s also not a list of the most popular games out there, or a list that seeks to represent the top games of every genre (sorry Total War: Three Kingdoms – you came close!). No, this is a list of 25 games that we, the IGN editors and contributors, collectively recommend the most, based on our own tastes, and all from within the past 10 years.

You Might Also Like:Top 100 Video GamesBest Horror Games for PC

The Best Modern PC Games (Summer 2020 Update)25. Horizon Zero Dawn (Complete Edition)

One of the best PS4 games finally made Jual Pc Gaming di Medan its way to PC this summer, Horizon Zero Dawn and its icy expansion The Frozen Wilds provide dozens of hours of action and exploration making it one of the best single-player PC games. Boasting a satisfying crafting and RPG-inspired progression system, its massive post-post-apocalyptic world is full to bursting, with plenty of “ancient” secrets to uncover and monstrous machines to hunt or hone your combat skills against, all wrapped up in a compelling story that not only sets the stage for the upcoming sequel, Forbidden West, but provides an intriguing new take on life after the collapse of modern society. While PC enthusiasts who demand nothing short of 4K/60FPS at all times may want to wait for another round of performance updates (you can read our full analysis of the PC port here), Horizon is an exceptional adventure that’s not to be missed.

A sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, was released in February for PS4 and PS5.24. Control

Control, in many ways, feels like the culmination of Remedy’s design ideas from its past several games distilled down to their best versions and melded together for one trippy, enthralling adventure. Jesse Faden’s story of infiltrating the Federal Bureau of Control’s offices comes complete with a stellar set of abilities befitting any good telepath, a propulsive, strange story with a memorable cast and unexpected twists, and a fascinating location that feels rooted in a sense of history.

Remedy has filled Control’s world with little details that make its stranger ideas really land, giving unexpected life to every corner of its office building veneer. Just like its main location, the Oldest Toko Pc Gaming Medan House, much more lies beneath the surface of Control, and its mysteries are worth fully exploring. Also, the PC is currently the only place to play with ray tracing enabled, giving the world a more realistic and yet more otherworldly appearance. Maybe that’s why this fantastic single-player PC game won our 2019 Game of the Year award?

Control later received two expansions: The Foundation and the Alan Wake crossover AWE. Remedy is now working on several new projects, including a Control multiplayer game, the long-awaited Alan Wake 2, a free-to-play co-op Harga Pc Gaming di Medan shooter codenamed Vanguard, and remakes of Max Payne 1 and dua.23. Overwatch

With an amazing lineup of memorable characters and meticulously balanced abilities, Overwatch is a shooter that bobs and weaves almost perfectly between being the quick-fix adrenaline hit you might want after a long day of work, and the thoughtful, strategic multiplayer experience that becomes the center of evening-long binges with friends. It might not have the most exhaustive list of maps and modes, but the offerings grow with every new seasonal event, and what’s already there provides nearly endless opportunities for exhilarating, coordinated play.

Overwatch won our 2016 Game of the Year Award, and Blizzard’s trademark polish and commitment to community should keep it as something that we’ll all revisit regularly for years to come.

The first Overwatch 2 beta is now open; it’s scheduled to run through May 17.22. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an awe-inspiring journey where the fantasy world is your plaything. What its main story quest lacks in nuance it more than makes up for with its invitation to go anywhere and do anything. Set out in any direction to explore a vast kingdom filled with people going about their daily lives, warring factions, and dangerous wildlife that ranges from wild dogs to imposing giants and full-fledged dragons.

Out there you’ll find stellar sidequests that allow you to become a vampire or werewolf, join the legendary Dark Brotherhood, and countless other unexpected opportunities as you level up and unlock satisfyingly powerful spells and Dragon Shouts. And of course, with this being the PC version, you have access to a nearly unrivaled collection of transformative mods at your fingertips.

Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition was released in November. This latest version includes all previously released content as well as some new features, including a fishing mechanic.21. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

You can’t go too far wrong with any of the main games from Sid Meier’s seminal Civilization series, but with the Gathering Storm expansion, Civilization VI has taken its seat as one of the finest. Like all five iterations before it, Civ VI lets you pave your people’s way from nomadic tribespeople to sprawling near-future empire in competition or cooperation with neighbors, this time guided by narration from the undying Sean Bean himself.

But here, a distinctive approach to city building in which major structures like specialized districts and Wonders are placed on their own tiles gives it a distinctive flavor, and the newly added climate change mechanics add new long-term environmental considerations throughout and hazards that manifest in the late game. It’s also come as close as any game in the series to giving its AI leaders definitive and interesting personalities (which is not to say they’re perfect!).

For more, check out our big Civilization interview with four of the series’ lead designers.20. Diablo 3

Think of Diablo 3 not for its infamous launch, but for the incredible action-RPG it evolved into in the years afterward. While its early existence was plagued by plenty of problems (including a real-money auction house that was ultimately entirely removed and burned to the ground), Blizzard managed to reshape this revival of a classic series into an excellent and infinitely replayable co-op, demon-slaying party.

It’s a game where the piñatas are alive and the candy is shaped like swords, and it really hit its stride when its breakout Reaper of Souls expansion arrived in 2014. Diablo tiga is still lovely to look at, full of interesting choices and class synergies, and specially designed to keep you interested far, far past when the credits roll.

The series’ next mainline entry, Diablo 4, won’t be released until 2023 at the earliest. However, PC (and mobile) players can look forward to the free-to-play Diablo: Immortal in June.19. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is one of the best terkini Metroidvania’s around. It’s beautiful, expansive, and full of delightful secrets to discover that will keep you playing for dozens of hours. The kingdom of Hallownest is a brutal one, and Hollow Knight doesn’t ease you into it, causing a lot of people to bounce off of it initially – but when it finally gets its hooks in you it’s irresistibly hard to put down.

Its sprawling caves open up and offer multiple paths to you at any given time, but no matter which way you go there are exciting bosses to fight and significant power-ups to make you stronger. And even though it was already a massive game, Hollow Knight has only gotten bigger since its launch in early 2017. Developer Team Cherry released multiple free updates with new areas and bosses, each harder than the last. But whether you just want to get to the credits, find the true ending, or push even farther than that, Hallownest is a world worth exploring.

A sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong, is in development for PC and Switch.18. Fallout: New Vegas

With its distinctive Old West-tinged approach to the post-nuclear wasteland, game-changing decisions, and flexible ways to complete its quests, Fallout: New Vegas carved out a spot as not just the best game of the Fallout series, but one of the best Grosir Pc Gaming Medan RPGs ever made. Obsidian took the openness and flexibility of Bethesda’s Fallout tiga to a new level with more dark humor, memorable characters, and interesting stat-dependent dialogue options that make each playthrough feel tailored to your character’s strengths and weaknesses.

And the fact that you, a Distributor Pc Gaming Medan nameless nobody courier, get to rise up from nothing and become the person who decides the fate of the region, gives you a real sense of control and power.17. Doom (2016)



Intel® Core™ i9 processor

Tous les PC Distributor Pc Gaming Medan gaming prémontés de MSI affichent un style unique et renferment les meilleures performances pour offrir une expérience de jeu inégalée à tous les gamers, sans exception. Que Grosir Pc Gaming Medan //” Harga Pc Gaming di Medan target=”_blank”>Jual Pc Gaming di Medan vous préfériez un PC compact, un PC avec boîtier grand tour, un PC RGB ou un PC gaming haut de gamme, MSI propose un ordinateur gaming adapté à vos besoins. En passant au dernier système d’exploitation Windows 11, MSI souhaite une nouvelle fois améliorer l’expérience des gamers en leur proposant de nouveaux produits gaming équipés des toutes dernières fonctionnalités, comme DirectStorage et l’Auto HDR.

Best small form-factor gaming PC

Best Console-Style Prebuilt PC for Your Living RoomTROUVEZ VOTRE PC DE BUREAUFILTREZ PAR PROCESSEURExtremeIntel CoreTM i9 / AMD R9EnthusiastIntel CoreTM i7 / AMD R7MainstreamIntel CoreTM i3 & i5 / AMD R3 & R5FILTRES AVANCÉSOops! There are no applicable products in your country, but we’re working on it!PLUS DE FONCTIONNALITÉS


Les cartes graphiques RTX 30 offrent une puissance de calcul deux fois plus élevée que les modèles RTX 2080 tout en consommant moins d’énergie. L’architecture NVIDIA®Ampere intègre des cœurs RT et Tensor ainsi que d’autres multiprocesseurs de flux qui assurent des lumières, des portraits et des matières plus vrais que nature afin d’assurer une expérience plus agréable et réaliste pour les joueurs comme pour les créateurs.


En séparant le processeur, la carte graphique et le bloc d’alimentation dans trois chambres de refroidissement séparées, le système Silent Storm Cooling optimise la circulation de l’air et garantit ainsi aux composants de rester à bonne température quoi qu’il arrive.


Personnalisez votre PC comme vous l’entendez grâce à la technologie de rétroéclairage LED RGB exclusive MSI Mystic Light. Avec, vous pouvez choisir entre des milliers de couleurs et plusieurs effets de lumière afin d’afficher vos préférences et votre humeur. Et, pour encore plus de style, vous pourrez personnaliser le rétroéclairage du PC avec celui de vos périphériques compatibles.


Les PC de bureau MSI* ont été pensés pour vous simplifier la tâches si vous souhaitez mettre vos composants à niveau. En effet, le ou les panneaux latéraux sont amovibles et facilitent ainsi l’intégration, par exemple, d’un disque de stockage d’une plus grande capacité ou d’une carte graphique nouvelle génération.


Windows 11 marque le début d’une nouvelle génération de gaming avec l’arrivée de fonctionnalités conçues pour rendre les jeux encore plus riches et plus détaillés que jamais. La technologie DirectStorage repousse les limites de vitesses de transfert des données pour charger les univers de jeu les plus vastes beaucoup plus rapidement, tandis que l’Auto HDR permet de profiter de la luminosité et des couleurs de l’HDR dans les jeux qui ne le prenaient pas en charge. Redécouvrez vos jeux préférés en HDR !Restez connecté

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Cara Menciptakan Game Komputer

Apakah Anda senang bermain video game, selalu punya trik buat menamatkan game atau mengalahkan lawan pada game Anda, atau punya khayalan yang sangat luas sebagai akibatnya sanggup membayangkan sebuah karakter atau bahkan dunia sendiri? Ada banyak alat yg sanggup Anda gunakan buat membarui kelebihan Anda tersebut menjadi video game. Anda memang perlu kemampuan pemorgraman sebelum itu. Tapi bila Anda sudah sanggup, Anda berarti hanya butuh mouse dan keyboard dan sebuah tim yg mumpuni.

Membuat game berbasis teks. Game jenis ini mungkin merupakan yang paling mudah dibuat, meskipun nir seluruh orang tertarik membuat dan memainkan sebuah game yg tidak mempunyai grafis. Kebanyakan game berbasis teks penekanan dalam cerita, teka-teki, atau petualangan yg menggabungkan cerita, eksplorasi, dan teka-teki.Twine merupakan pelaksanaan yang mampu dipakai dengan mudah di browser Anda.StoryNexus dan Visionaire merupakan pilihan yang menyediakan lebih banyak pilihan gameplay dan gambar statis.Inform7 adalah alat atau aplikasi yg lebih mengagumkan lantaran mempunyai komunitas & pendukung yg akbar.

Membuat game 2D. GameMaker & Stencyl merupakan opsi yg cantik apabila Anda ingin membuat game 2D pada aliran apapun, dan keduanya memberi Anda opsi buat menggunakan kode pemrograman tanpa harus memahami bagaimana cara membuat acara. Scratch! jua adalah indera yang bisa Anda pakai buat membuat game browser.

Mencoba membuat game 3D. Membuat sebuah game 3D jauh lebih menantang daripada game 2D. Jadi, bersiaplah buat menjalani proyek panjang yg Distributor Komputer Gaming Medan sulit. Spark dan Game Guru mampu membantu meringankan tugas Anda menggunakan memungkinkan Anda Toko Komputer Gaming Medan menciptakan global game Anda tanpa wajibmengerti pemrograman. Jika Anda punya pengetahuan pemrograman atau ingin belajar Harga Komputer Gaming Medan pemrograman, cobalah engine game yang waktu ini sedang populer, Unity.Jika Anda ingin menciptakan model 3D Anda sendiri, Anda butuh perangkat lunak pembuat 3D seperti 3DS Max, Blender, atau Maya.

Mengambil pendekatan yg fokus pada pemrograman. Meskipun Anda punya latar pemrograman, Anda mungkin ingin menggunakan keliru satu engine pada atas buat membuat game pertama Anda, & Anda nir harus mengambil cara yg berbeda yang lebih sulit. Tapi, beberapa orang lebih sukamengendalikan segala aspek berdasarkan game yang mereka untuk & ingin membuatnya menurut nol. Idealnya, supaya Anda mampu menggabungkan seluruh aspek game Anda secara rapi & jelas, Anda akan lebih menentukan menciptakan game di Integrated Development Environment seperti Eclipse & bukan di text editor.Meskipun Anda memang bisa membuat game dengan bahasa pemrograman apapun, C++ adalah alat yang mengagumkan yg memiliki poly sumber daya dan tutorial yang Anda perlukan buat membuat game.

Tentukan konsepnya. Untuk proyek pertama Anda, membuat game sederhana dari aliran yg sukamerupakan langkah awal yg cukup baik (contohnya, game platformer atau role-playing). Grosir Komputer Gaming Medan Sebelum Anda mulai, catatlah seluruh pandangan baru yg Anda miliki tentang game tersebut, & cobalah jawab beberapa pertanyaan ini:Apa komponen primer gameplay-nya? Contoh berdasarkan jawaban ini diantaranya mengalahkan musuh, memecahkan teka-teki, atau bicara dengan karakter lain pada game.Seperti apa gameplay yang Anda inginkan pada game Anda? Misalnya, Anda ingin pemain Anda melawan musuh secara real-time yg memerlukan kegesitan pada kombinasi tombol atau turn-based yang memerlukan taktik dan strategi. Atau bila game Anda fokus pada bicara menggunakan karakter lain pada game, apakah pemain sanggup mengubah plot atau alur cerita bila membuat pilihan yang tidak sinkron, atau plotnya lebih linier sehingga pemain harus membuat keputusan yg sempurna.Bagaimana mood dalam game Anda? Ceria, menakutkan, misterius, atau menggugah semangat?

Buat level yang sederhana. Jika Anda menggunakan engine game atau alat produsen game buat menciptakan game Anda, cobalah buat berkreasi memakai engine atau indera tadi. Belajarlah cara meletakkan latar belakang, objek, & karakter yang bergerak. Bahkan, Anda sanggup mencoba membuat karakter pada game berinteraksi menggunakan objek yang ada, atau mencoba mengeksplorasi objek-objek yg sudah disediakan di indera atau perangkat lunak yg Anda pakai dan melihat apakah ada interaksi yang sanggup dilakukan menggunakan objek tersebut.apabila Anda tidak memahami bagaimana cara melakukan sesuatu, cari tahulah di website alat atau engine tersebut atau cari di tempat lain pada internet seperti forum.Untuk proyek pertama, nir perlu terlalu mengkhawatirkan pencahayaan atau detil grafis lainnya.

Desain gameplay primer Anda. Mendesain sebuah gameplay memerlukan sedikit sentuhan & modifikasi pada aplikasi produsen game-nya, dan memerlukan pembuatan sistem yg lebih rumit jika dibentuk menurut nol. Berikut merupakan beberapa contoh:apabila Anda menciptakan game platformer, apakah Anda ingin karakter Anda mampu melakukan double-jump atau loncatan pada udara atau gerakan spesifik lainnya? Coba jua modifikasi tinggi loncatan karakter Anda serta respon menurut banyak sekali interaksi yang diberikan pemain (misalnya menunda tombol selama beberapa dtk).Jika Anda menciptakan game RPG atau horor, dengan senjata apa pemain akan memulai permainan? Pilih 2 atau 3 senjata yg sanggup di-upgrade pemain, lalu uji coba senjatanya. Pastikan pilihan senjatanya menarik & bervariasi. Misalnya, Anda menyediakan 3 jenis senjata, yaitu senjata yang tenaganya bertenaga, yang mampu melukai lebih menurut satu musuh, atauyang menciptakan musuh lebih lemah. Jangan buat ada satu senjata yang jauh lebih kuat berdasarkan senjata lainnya kecuali senjata tadi memang lebih mahal & sulit didapat.Di game berbasis obrolan, apakah ingin pemain bisa menentukan “cabang” dialog yg terdapat pada layar, atau hanya akan membaca instruksi yg diberikan buat melakukan tugas eksklusif & membuka dialog berikutnya? Apakah Anda ingin game-nya linier & satu arah, atau punya beberapa alur dan akhiran?

Buat beberapa level. Tiga atau lima level singkat merupakan target yang wajar buat game pertama Anda. Lagipula Anda selalu mampu menambahkannya nanti. Selalu pertahankan gameplay primer Anda di tiap level, & buat tiap levelnya memiliki tantangan yg tidak sinkron atau meningkat. Anda mampu menciptakan levelnya berurutan dimana pemain harus menyelesaikan satu level untuk memainkan level lain, atau dibentuk terpisah dimana pemain sanggup menentukan level yg mereka inginkan.Untuk game platformer, keliru satu tantangan yang diberikan umumnya adalah musuh yang lebih cepat atau platform yg bergerak.Game action bisa memperkenalkan musuh baru tiap levelnya, sebuah musuh yg kuat atau bos, atau musuh yg tidak bisa dikalahkan tanpa trik atau senjata tertentu.Game teka-teki umumnya permanen berpaku dalam satu jenis puzzle dan membuatnya semakin sulit tiap levelnya, atau memperkenalkan alat atau rintangan baru sehingga pemain wajibberpikir lebih keras.

Buat tujuan jangka panjang & menengah. Sebuah game kadang memiliki sesuatu yang diklaim “mekanisme sekunder” atau “gameplay sekunder”.[1]Dengan menggunakan prosedur menurut gameplay primer, misalnya meloncat, pemain jua sanggup memakai gameplay sekunder misalnya menginjak versus waktu mendarat atau mengumpulkan item. Jual Komputer Gaming Medan Gameplay sekunder ini mampu dimanfaatkan untuk menjadi pencapaian jangka panjang di game-nya, misalnya dengan mengumpulkan koin di tiap level, pemain mampu menabungnya & membeli upgrade yang bisa membantu menamatkan game.Dari model pada atas, Anda mungkin tanpa sadar telah memasukkan gameplay sekunder. Cukup pastikan bahwa pemain Anda mampu segera sadar tentang aspek yang Anda pasang tadi. Jika setelah 10 mnt pemain Anda hanya menganggap game Anda hanyalah menembak musuh tanpa henti, beberapa menit lagi dia niscaya akan bosan. Jika beliau menerima koin selesainya mengalahkan musuh pertama, dia akan memahami bahwa beliau punya tujuan, atau paling tidak penasaran apa fungsi berdasarkan koin tadi, & akhirnya akan terus bermain.

Gamingpc Canada – The Best Gaming Computers, Custom Made For You.

Destroyer$5454.86The Unbeatable Gaming Computer More Cooling, More Power, More SpeedAMD 5900x, Nvidia RTX 3080 10 GBProcessor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12 Core ProcessorMotherboard: Harga Komputer Gaming Medan ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII DARK HERO X570 (Wi-Fi 6)Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws V F4 32GB Grosir Komputer Gaming Medan (dua x 16GB) DDR4 – 3200 MHzVideo Card: Nvidia RTX 3080 10GB (IN STOCK)Primary Hard Drive: Samsung 980 M.dua 1TB NVMe PCI-Express tiga.0 x4 SSD DriveSecondary Hard Drive: Samsung 870 QVO Series 2.lima” 2TB SSD Drive

Battle Cruiser$3588.87Quality built, smooth gaming experience Distributor Komputer Gaming Medan Intel 11900KFNvidia 3060 TI 8GBHardline water-

cooling In stock ready to shipProcessor: Intel i9 11900KF 8 CoreMotherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WiFi 6Memory: CORSAIR Dominator Platinum Jual Komputer Gaming Medan RGB White 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3200Video Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB (IN STOCK)Primary Hard Drive: Samsung 980 Pro M.dua – 500 GB NVMe PCI-E Gen4 SSD DriveSecondary Hard Drive: Western Digital Hard Drive 1 TB Black 7200 RPM HDD

The Beast$9564.31Built to exceed all expectations, the Beast is the dream machine of gamersRTX 3090 24GBProcessor: Intel i9 12900K 16 CoreMotherboard: Asus ROG Maximus Z690 HEROMemory: G.SKILL Trident Z5 Series 64GB (4x16GB) DDR5 6000MHz (IN STOCK)Video Card: Nvidia RTX 3090 24GB (IN STOCK)Primary Hard Drive: MSI Spatium M480 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.duaSecondary Hard Drive: Western Digital Hard Drive 4 TB Black 7200 RPM HDD

The Warrior$2989.82Six Core i5 11600K Overclocked to 4.8 GHz

Water CoolingProcessor: Intel i5 11600K 6 Core overclocked to 4.8 GHzMotherboard: ASUS TUF GAMING Z590-PLUSMemory: G.SKILL Ripjaws V F4 16GB (dua x 8GB) DDR4 – 3200 MHzVideo Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB (IN STOCK)Primary Hard Drive: Samsung 980 M.2 250GB NVMe PCI-Express 3.0 x4 SSD DriveSecondary Hard Drive: Western Digital Hard Drive 2TB Blue

Speed Daemon$3579.23Six Core I7 12700K overclocked to4.8

GHz on all Toko Komputer Gaming Medan core, RTX 3060 TI 8 GBProcessor: Intel i7 12700K 12 CoreMotherboard: Asus TUF Gaming Z690-Plus D4Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws V F4 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 – 3200 MHzVideo Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB (IN STOCK)Primary Hard Drive: Samsung 980 M.2 – 500GB NVMe PCI-Express tiga.0 x4 SSD DriveSecondary Hard Drive: Western Digital Hard Drive 1 TB Blue

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