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The next generation of safe classroom laser cutting & engravingPerfect for the classroom

Designed, engineered and proudly made in Australia, the Emblaser dua is the second generation desktop laser cutter and engraver that is a perfect combination of ease-of-use, size, power, and price. Designed to be user-friendly, easy to set up, safe and easy to use in any classroom.So many materials

The Emblaser 2 can cut, mark or engrave Jasa Laser Cutting Medan cloth, cardboard, paper, leather, wood, plastics and so much more.Safety first

Traditionally laser cutters have only been available for specialised learning areas, but the Emblaser 2 is a Class 1 laser making is safe to use in any classroom when combined with Jasa Laser Cutting Medan its air filtration unit.

The Alaihi Salam/NZS IEC 60825 classification divides lasers into 6 classes, with 6 being the highest and most harmful. The Emblaser dua is a Class 1 device considered the safest and does not permit human access to laser radiation during operation.Give depth to your work

A true 3D cutting & engraving machine, the Emblaser dua allows you to achieve different levels of depths and details.

It gives your piece that extra dimension by giving you the control to adjust the height of the laser while cutting. Cut through thicker materials by setting your laser to automatically lower with multiples passes.Why the Emblaser 2 is the right choice in choosing your laser cutting & engraving machinesSafetyPrecise Alignment3D EngravingMaterial ignition alert. Inbuilt fume extractor to vent fumes outdoors or add the Fume Filter System to safely filter fumes for indoor use.Use the built-in camera to overlay your design onto your project. Take out the alignment guesswork,Create stunning 3D engravings with depth or adjust sharpness to create sharp lines or soft fills with the automatic Z axis of the head.Checking out the Emblaser dua Desktop Laser Cutter and Engraver. – Austech 2017

The Emblaser dua has many featuresAir-Assist

The Emblaser dua utilises what is traditionally available only on industrial machines to improve the hasil quality of the engraved or cut parts. The technique involves injecting a stream of high pressured air into the cutting region simultaneously as the laser works to cut or engrave the area.

As seen in the photos, the effect of Air-Assist on the different types of materials is noticeable; the circles on the left are without the air-assist. Burn marks are significantly reduced if not present when Air-Assist is utilised.Fume Extraction / Filtration

Equipped with an in-built extractor, fumes produced during operation will be vented outdoors. For complete indoor use, simply add the Fume Filter System. Both systems will work to clean out the fume, making it safe for the user and prolongs the life of the machine.Material Ignition Alert

Or simply just known MIA, never miss in action with this smart monitoring and notification system. MIA constantly monitors for the potential ignition of a material and the Emblaser will be put into safety mode.Large Workspace

Expand your canvas with a larger work area of 500mm x 300 mm x 50mmWifi & USB Connectivity

Don’t want to be tethered to the Emblaser 2 and just walk away with your Jasa Laser Cutting laptop? Or are you working from another room? Simply connect to the Emblaser 2 through Wifi and gain access to full control wirelessly. Of course, you still have the option to directly connect your computer to the laser cutter via USB connection.Workspace Camera

Fine tune material alignment with ease through the use of the inbuilt camera.

Work with the aplikasi you are familiar with to create your designs. EmbLaser Laserweb perangkat lunak will import all standard formats from aplikasi such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, Corel Draw, Sketchup etc.

Laserweb is fully compatible with both Windows and OSX.Run it on your favourite computer or tablet, even over Wifi!Emblaser dua: LaserWeb Software Overview

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